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Dogstar played Spelunky

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Dogstar said...
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Woot, Spelunky. After a month or two of on-again, off-again playing I finally completed a level 1 to level 16 full game clear on one life, racking up $299,995 (yeah, $5 short of 300k..) as well and clearing a time of 19:43. Next goal - a million dollar game. I'm thinking, though, that Spelunky version 0.99.8 might have a few coding errors that makes it closer to impossible to do it - the key in the first act showing up but the chest not showing up in a map with a shop is one, getting the ankh, hedjet, and 99 bombs, getting to the fourth act, finding the area with the sceptre receptacle, but not finding the mummy at All is another...
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